Market-Oriented organizations are looking to find automated solutions to improve customer satisfaction and experience. Using Azure AI, we will demo how the Data Scientist team could convert audio files (recorded from customers calls) to text format. The new text files could be used to get new insights from customers interactions…

I recently worked together with the Confluent and the Databricks team in 3 very interesting materials and I would like to share the links here.

Webinar — Innovate Faster and…

Satya Nadella, Microsoft CEO, helped Microsoft in the last years since he became the CEO to move from the “Know-it-all” to a “Learn-it-all” culture.

The results are incredible, in the last 7 years the company market cap has grown from $300 billion to $ 1.9 …

If you work with data analysis, you should read this blog post to avoid wrong assumptions based on Illusory correlation.

For example, what do you think about this example below?

True or False? Check more examples like this one at Spurious Correlations (


Be careful, when you find a correlation…

Apprenticeships With Microsoft

Our mission is to empower every person and every organisation on the planet to achieve more. At Microsoft we believe that by working with people who share our global vision, motivation and passion for technology and innovation, we can have the biggest impact on the world.

As an apprentice at…

Caio Moreno

Senior Cloud Solution Architect and Data Scientist @microsoft | PhD Student @unicomplutense (Opinions are my own)

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