Microsoft Whiteboard App: The collaborative online whiteboard

Most people are not aware of Microsoft Whiteboard App that can help increase your productivity at work. I have to admit that I did not know it either, until today.

In this time of lockdown and kids at home, this app can really help you with your kids and not just with your meetings and work.

Product feedback from my kids: ‘‘Daddy we love it!’’

My kids using Microsoft Whiteboard app this night.

My kids using Microsoft Whiteboard app.

What a great product! Well done Microsoft Whiteboard team!

To explain the photos, I am blessed to be the father of two amazing girls: Ana Eliza (7 years old) and Helena (4 years old).

Today, I found out about the Microsoft Whiteboard App and tested in my laptop and I loved it too.

While I was testing the app, both of them asked me, with a lot of enthusiasm:

‘‘Daddy, can I try it? I want to do it!!!’’

Of course, I said yes. If you have daughters you will understand how hard it is to say no to them, specially when they use their super powers to persuade you to do their will.

I let them use Microsoft Whiteboard App for the first time.

Product feedback from both of them:

‘‘I love this Daddy!’’

I believe I will have to buy a Surface Pen to improve the user experience.

To use it, install the app and create your new whiteboard!

The link:

My kid’s whiteboards:

What is Microsoft Whiteboard app?

The Microsoft Whiteboard app is a simple, clean app that makes it easy to collaborate with multiple other people virtually using the digital pen. The app works across all Surface devices, including the Surface Studio, Surface Book, Surface Laptop and of course Surface Pro.

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